Our Governing Body

Governor Biographies

Aysha Esakji (Chair)

Usman Arshad

Shaveena Bashir

Elizabeth Gosling

Mujahid Khokur

Khadeeja Mehtar

Sajid Munshi

Shuaib Nurgat

Fathima Rawat

Mohammad Sajid Saddique

Mazhar Zaman


Khadija Patel


Governor Information

Name Date of Appoint. Term of Appoint. Resignation (if applicable) Type of Appoint. Attendance 2015/16 Pecuniary Interests Declared 2015/16
Ayasha Esakji Sept 2014 4 Years n/a Trust 3/6  None
Usman Arshad Sept 2014 4 Years n/a Trust  5/6  None
Mohamammad Akhtar Sept 2014 4 Years Aug 2016 Trust 4/6  None
Elizabeth Gosling Oct 2014 4 Years n/a Trust 3/6  None
Khadeeja Mehtar Sept 2014 4 Years n/a Trust 6/6  None
Mohammed Shuaib Nurgat Sept 2014 4 Years n/a Trust 6/6  None
Fatima Rawat Sept 2014 4 Years n/a Trust 5/6  None
Mohammed Sajid Saddique Sept 2014 4 Years n/a Trust 6/6  None
Mohammad Mazhar Zaman Sept 2014 4 Years n/a Trust 3/6  None
Sajid Munshi Sept 2016 4 Years 4 Years Trust n/a  None
Shaveena Bahsir Mar 2015 4 Years n/a Parent 3/6  None
Mujahid Khokur Mar 2015 4 Years n/a Parent 3/6  None
Khadija Patel Jun 2015 4 Years n/a Staff 1/3  None
Shahina Ahmad Sept 2015 Term of Employment n/a Staff (Principal) 9/9  None
Name Business Interests Declared
Name of Organisation Nature of Relationship Date from
Ayasha Esakji  None  N/A  N/A
Usman Arshad  None  N/A  N/A
Elizabeth Gosling  None  N/A  N/A
Khadeeja Mehtar  None  N/A  N/A
Mohammed Shuaib Nurgat  None  N/A  N/A
Fatima Rawat  None  N/A  N/A
Mohammed Sajid Saddique  None  N/A  N/A
Mohammad Mazhar Zaman  None  N/A  N/A
Sajid Munshi  None  N/A  N/A
Shaveena Bahsir  None  N/A  N/A
Mujahid Khokur  None  N/A  N/A
Khadija Patel  None  N/A  N/A
Shahina Ahmad  None  N/A  N/A

Note: All Governors are appointed for a 4 year term of office, except for the Principal, who occupies the office whilst in post.

NB: Some Governors attended Committee meetings in addition to full meetings of the Local Governing Body, which accounts for the difference in the “out of a possible” number of meetings attended.


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