The Staff:

Mrs A Khalil: Teacher of French & Arabic
Moulana Muhammad: Head of Year 8 & 9, Teacher of Arabic

During the course of the year, each class will have two hours of Arabic per week. The level of Arabic studied will vary in accordance to the learner’ ability and prior knowledge but will provide the foundation for GCSE.

How does the study of Arabic benefit my daughter?
The study of Arabic is very important in terms of international languages and will be of immense benefit to your daughter. She will gain the ability to develop her Arabic foundations and to articulate herself in written and spoken form. This will allow her to engage with the wider world and will put her in a strong position to study advanced Arabic upon the completion of her GCSE.

The Curriculum:

Autumn 1 Autumn 2  Spring 1  Spring 2  Summer 1  Summer 2 
 Yr 7  Introduction &  Family Family & Friends My Home School My Area  Outdoors
 Yr 8 Building Foundations Me & My Country  Daily Routines  School My Area Outdoors

What will my daughter be required to do in class and at home?

Your daughter is expected to come fully equipped for lessons with her exercise book.  In class she needs to immerse herself into the lesson with active participation, through speaking, listening, reading and writing.  In addition, your daughter will be given homework to complete once a week to develop key skills and knowledge. Each homework is expected to take about 30 minutes to complete and must be submitted on time on the date it is due.  Your daughter may use the internet for research, but please do not allow her to ‘Copy + Paste’ from the web.  Please also encourage your daughter to read around the subject and practise conversational Arabic.

How will my daughter be assessed?
Your daughter will be assessed half-termly in each subject through a written and oral assessment based on the topic being studied that half-term.
In May, she will have an End of Year exam which will assess her understanding of all topics within the Arabic curriculum.

What will my daughter do in the coming few years?
In the coming few years, your daughter will study a variety of new themes which will enable her to communicate with others in a variety of different situations. In year 8 she will learn how to discuss her daily routine, matters pertaining to ethnicity and personal details. Thereafter, she will be prepared to take the exam in year 10.

Who you should see if you have any questions:
In the first instance all subject specific queries should be referred to your daughter’s Arabic teacher Moulana Muhammad; by either writing a note in your daughter’s planner or leaving a message at reception.


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