The Staff:

Ms Patel: Director of Learning: English
Ms Bux: Teacher of English
Mrs Malik: Assistant Principal & Teacher of English
Miss Attas: SEND Coordinator & Teacher of English

Subject: English, Year 7
Year 7 at Eden Girls’ School will be given the opportunity to express their creativity as well as challenge themselves academically through a variety of topics and tasks throughout the year. The range of subjects that will be covered in English cater perfectly for the new curriculum, encompassing the rich literary works of pre and post 19th century in poetry, prose and drama, alongside contemporary texts and functional skills. The nature of the curriculum has been designed to allow the learners to become familiar with the skills and knowledge that will effectively prepare them for their GCSE exams and beyond.

The Curriculum:

  Autumn Term 1 Autumn Term 2 Spring Term 1 Spring Term 2 Summer Term 1 Summer Term 2
Year 7 Autobiographical writing Chinese Cinderella Post 19th Century text:  Pre 19th Century  Non-Fiction writing to inform, explain and discuss Functional skills for creativity: Analysing non-fiction texts for presentational devices Pre 19th Century Drama:

 Year 8

Contemporary Novel: The Hunger Games Pre- Post 19th Century Post 19th Century Poetry. Non-fiction Writing to Inform, Explain and Discuss. Post 19th Century Drama. Pre 19th Century Drama.
Year  9

19th Century Novel

The Withered Arm & The Adventure of the Speckled Band.

Skills for writing. Post 1914 Drama/Prose Skills for writing. News reports to entertain, inform & argue Exam Skills unit: Focus on English Language paper 2.

Shakespeare & Drama

The Tempest

What will learners be required to do in class and at home?

Eden Girls’ School expects learners to be highly punctual, well-equipped, and always working to the best of their ability. Class work will include various reading, writing and speaking and listening tasks throughout the year, as well as a significant emphasis on spelling, punctuation and grammar elements. Drama will also be practised within the curriculum.  Learners will be set homework on a weekly basis, usually in sync with the topic that is being covered in class work at the time.

How will learners be assessed?
Tracking learners’ progress is of extreme importance to us at Eden Girl’s School. Learners are assessed on a daily basis via their classwork and homework, assessed formally at the end of every half term through a reading or writing assessment in class and sit a formal end of year examination.

How will learners progress at KS4?
In KS4 all learners will complete two English GCSE exams: English Literature and English Language

Useful resources:
There are many useful websites to assist with English skills and learning, here a few well-known sources:


Who you should see if you have any questions:
If you have any questions regarding English, please contact Ms Patel or any member of the English team

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