Welcome from the Principal

Assalamu Alaikum (Peace be upon you)

Our pursuit of excellence is based upon our unshakeable belief that every person is unique and special and has the capacity within them to succeed.

I am delighted to welcome you to Eden Girls’ School, Waltham Forest and provide you with a flavour of our exciting educational vision for your daughter. We are a new faith-based (Islamic) secondary school for girls. We promote fundamental British values and welcome applications from all faiths and none.

The opportunity to create a new school within the family of Star schools is exciting, unique and special. I feel most privileged and honoured as Eden Girls’ first Principal. I will do my utmost to provide an inspirational and stimulating experience for all the girls who join us. I will work tirelessly with my colleagues and the governors to ensure each student has fulfilled her potential and is equipped with the best of skills and qualifications that not only lead to great life chances and opportunities but also create active, exemplary citizens who will make a positive contribution to the community that they will serve.

As a Hadeeth (narration) from the prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) teaches us, “People are like treasures – just like treasures of gold and silver.” As we know, gold and silver do not simply come out of the ground ready to be made into jewellery. Much effort is spent finding the gold and extracting it from the ground. Craftsmen then labour for hours on end to turn it into something of beauty. At Eden Girls’ School, Waltham Forest our aim is simple – we want to provide the best education, opportunities and support to enable your child to flourish and succeed.

We will provide a school where high-powered learning, progress and achievement is coupled with a commitment to wider personal progression, including the development of character and an intelligent moral, spiritual and ethical compass. We aspire to develop learners who are outstanding human beings, active and participatory citizens and exemplary members of their community – contributing to the development of a successful and prosperous society.

The school opened in September 2014 with 150 girls in Year 7 and Year 8. This year we welcomed another 100 girls and next year our roll will expand to 120 students per year group in response to local demand. In addition, we will be opening a 200 place sixth form in 2018. The first few cohorts will be in a privileged and unique position to be the founding year groups in the school. Not only will they receive individualised and personalised attention, but they will also be at the forefront of receiving a vast range of leadership opportunities as the founding and oldest school members – a hugely exciting opportunity for young people.

I very much look forward to meeting and working with you as we begin this exciting journey together to create a truly fantastic school.

Shahina Ahmad

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