The Eden School promotes excellence and aspiration in everything its pupils do. The school uniform is designed to reinforce this spirit of excellence. It is smart and practical, encourages pupils to take pride in being part of their school and enables them to act as ambassadors for the Star educational experience. The uniform is also designed to portray a professional and business-like image.

High standards of presentation are required at all times when wearing the school uniform, with clean clothes, tidy hair and no jewellery (except on grounds of faith). Whenever the school uniform is worn, it must be complete and not mixed with non-uniform clothing. This includes when travelling to and from school.

Our uniform supplier has changed and will now be available online from the 13th July 2020 from Stevensons uniform shop. Please click here to visit their online store.

Uniform Availability

The coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact globally on clothing production, including uniform, and transportation, which has resulted in delays to the delivery of uniform to Stevensons.

Secondary: Main uniform items are expected in stock by the last week of August. Sportswear items are not expected to be in stock until the Autumn half-term holiday. We will inform you when the items are in stock. Parents will be able to order all items from 13th July onwards. Any items that are not in stock at the time of ordering will be dispatched as soon as they are available. Main uniform items will be despatched in advance of the sportswear, where applicable. We have been assured that the items due to arrive in late August will be despatched within 24 hours of arriving at the warehouse.

See our Policies and Publications page for a copy of our uniform policy

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