Attendance and behaviour


We expect the highest standards of attendance and punctuality. Research evidence and national statistics link good attendance to the achievement of academic and social potential. Attendance and punctuality also reflect pupil and parent commitment to achievement and to our Academy mission.

We encourage all pupils to work towards 100% attendance and set a minimum attendance target of 97% per year (equivalent to the top quartile of all English secondary schools). Excellent attendance is celebrated and recognised at the end of each term at our awards assembly.

In line with national rules, we do not permit students to take holidays during term time as this has a very negative impact on their learning.



Our approach to behaviour and discipline can be described as “tough love”. We are clear about the sorts of behaviours and attitudes we want and we communicate and model this for our students on a daily basis. We expect everyone in the school to have the upmost respect for themselves, other students, staff, and for the school itself at all times – Eden is a school where the main focus is on learning and it is everyone’s duty to contribute to a climate in which learning can happen.

We operate a firm but fair approach. We apply our rules and expectations rigorously, robustly and consistently. We make sure that disruptive behaviour by the few does not damage the achievements of the many.

Our high expectations of all are captured and clearly set out in the Codes of Conduct for Staff and Students and the Home-School Agreement. Agreeing to these codes and the Home-School Agreement are essential parts of accepting a place at Eden school.


Rewards and sanctions

The vast majority of our students are hard-working, well- behaved and respectful. We regularly identify, reward and celebrate our students’ successes. These can be in any aspect of school life eg regular attendance, outstanding academic achievement, leadership and initiative, making a good contribution to the local community or an act of kindness. Rewards can take many forms, ranging from simply saying “well done” to recognition at celebration assemblies or special events such as the annual presentation evening.

If standards at the School are to be maintained, it is equally important to have a clear, consistent sanctions system. This will be rigorously enforced by an explicit system of detention and report cards.

See our Policies & Publications page to view our Rewards and Sanctions policy.
See our Policies & Publications page to view our Behaviour policy.
See our Policies & Publications page to view our our Home-school agreement.

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