What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?

“In all the ways we express ourselves non-verbally, none is quite as personal as our handwriting”

But how accurate is this quote? An individual can be successful in disguising their thoughts and feelings to an extent but it will always shows up in their handwriting. It is scientifically proven that you can predict a person’s past just by studying the way their words are written. But how can you tell?

There are a few prior conditions that you’ll need to follow when taking the sample.

* It should be a sample written of at least 100 words and not copied from a peice of text, written on a plain piece of paper with a minimum size of 6-9 inches

* Felt-tips or pencils mustn’t be used, only the regular pen the person writes with, a fountain pen or ballpoint.

So how do we identify the person’s character traits?

* If an individual’s handwriting is extremely wide it can signify that they are prominent, quite cheeky and invasive.

* If their handwriting is quite small, it indicates, just like their letter sizing, they are timid, resourceful and possibly obedient. They show great attention to detail and are immensely precise. However they often lack self-confidence and are penny pinchers. They tend to spend as little as possible.

* If a person’s handwriting is quite tall, they’re the type that need approval from others before acting on a decision. They are ambitious, observant and very optimistic but lack consideration, being fair and also lack the skill in dealing with complex issues and their peers.

* If the handwriting belonging to an individual is narrow, it indicates that they possess self-consciousness and have self-control and self- discipline. They are also considered thrifty, socially passive, inartistic, timid and suspicious of inequalities.

* A person with large handwriting likes being noticed and standing out in the crowd and if their handwriting is broad and wide, some of their characteristics possibly include overweening, forbearing and straightforwardness. They often portray themselves as friendly, imaginative, artistic, unprompted, broadminded and social, but tend to display pride, ego and lack of concentration and surprisingly, may have a desire to travel.

What does slanted writing signify?

Slanting patterns describe a writer’s connection to his inner and outer world. Upright writing may indicate dependence and trustworthiness, a slant towards the left indicates someone who is really shy and timid and a slant towards the right indicates the opposite, an individual who is really outgoing. This is how many psychiatrist take a deeper look into how their client’s characteristics are

A signature is a person’s name written in a distinctive way and is often used as a form of identification or authorising official documents and more. However, it can be influenced, therefore many people believe that ‘An individual’s signature is something that they want to portray to the world and not necessarily how an individual really is’

* If the person’s signature is poorly formed it signifies some emotional stress. It could also indicate the biggest crisis in a person’s life.

* If an individual’s signature has their initials larger than the other letters, it indicates emphasis on their personal goals and strength rather than being dependent on anyone. However If an individual slashes through their signature, they are almost crossing themselves out. Just the way their signature looks, the person believes they need to hide and maintain secrecy.

*  If there is a strong forward ending stroke in a person’s signature, it signifies good health, creativity and a character trait of being frank.

* If the signature belonging to an individual has a larger first name it indicates that the person is unconventional and full of pride, and when encircled signifies that the person likes being dependant on other people.

* A large sign indicates pride, self-confidence, and they portray themselves as friendly, warm, and they have a need to appear in public. They may come across as self-conceited. And signatures ending with a dot suggest that the individual doesn’t trust anyone around them.

It is crucial to understand the character traits as a whole, to actually understand the analysis of handwriting. Also, the techniques of handwriting analysis are not prophetic even though they may seem to accurately reiterate an individual’s personality. Though this is not a fully comprehensive explanation, it’s easy to get a basic idea. So next time you come across someone’s handwriting or signature, think about their character traits in relation to what their handwriting says about them.

“I think this quite amazing. My handwriting analysis can identify what type of person I am”

* Nurul Islam (Part time worker)

“I will recommend this article to others to try out”

* Ruba Begum (Full time mother)

“This has helped me to understand my students more”

* Ms Chunia Begum (English Teacher)

But more importantly, what does your handwriting and signature say about you?

By Badriyah – Year 8

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