Eden’s sixth form ethos will be centred on ambition and that determination will be at the centre of everything the sixth form does. We believe that all students should be able to learn in a safe environment, free from interruptions caused by disruptive behaviour, and will implement that commitment unambiguously.

Every young person is special and possesses a talent to be nurtured. Our pastoral strategy will be geared to helping each student discover where their particular talents lie. All our students will have different needs at different times. They will learn in different ways and have different interests and areas of strength.


Year Team System

Every student will be is assigned to a tutor group led by a Personal Tutor (PT). The Personal Tutor will be the first point of contact between home and school. The Year Team will be responsible for ensuring the well-being of students. It will comprise the PTs for each year group, a dedicated Head of Year and the Head of Sixth Form.


Extra support

For students with additional needs, those going through some sort of distress (eg after a bereavement) or those where there are attendance or behaviour issues, the school will provide intensive support to make sure they get the help and support they need to succeed in their learning.

We also have a multi-agency team that supports the school in delivering the Every Child Matters and Extended Services agenda. Students will have access to a school nurse, educational psychologist, social worker and other professionals.

The Tarbiyyah (nurturing) mentoring programme will provide specialised, individual spiritual guidance for any young person in need.


Rewards and sanctions

Every student is special and Eden Girls’ sixth form will regularly identify, reward and celebrate its students’ successes. These can be in any aspect of school life and could include rewards for regular attendance, outstanding academic achievement, making a good contribution to the local community or an act of kindness.

Rewards can take many forms, ranging from simply saying “well done” to recognition at celebration assemblies or special events such as the annual presentation evening.

If standards at the school are to be maintained, it will be equally important to have a clear, consistent sanctions system. This will be rigorously enforced by an explicit system of detention and report cards.


Partnership with parents

Experience at other Star sixth forms has shown that the best results are achieved by active engagement and partnership with parents.

Our commitment to pastoral care and our processes for ensuring every student gets personal attention mean that parents can be assured that their daughters will flourish in our ambitious but supportive learning environment. Our Year Team structures will ensure that we can identify and deal with any issues at the earliest possible stage.

Parents will be invited to attend an open evening at the start of Years 12 and 13 where they will be asked to sign a home-school agreement. This will clearly set out the School’s commitment to their daughters, as well as what the school expects in terms of attendance and behaviour.

Each parent will receive half-termly report cards and will be required to attend half-termly performance review meetings. This will ensure that parents know where their daughter is up to, what they have achieved and any areas that need further attention. It will also be an opportunity for parents to give feedback to us and tell us what they’d like to see.

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School closes for all pupils on Thursday 1st April 2021

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