Student Stress and How to Deal With It

This one’s for all of you students who are struggling with school! Many, if not all of you are probably stressed with school, friendship and exams. Here is your guide to what exactly stress is and how to tackle it.

Stress is your body’s reaction to a sudden change of routine or environment. The body reacts with these changes with either physical, mental or emotional responses. Usually, we connotate stress with negativity, however, there are two types. Positive and negative, known as eustress and distress.

Eustress is triggered by feelings of happiness and excitement. For example, getting a great mark on your exam, having a great time with friends or family and receiving good news. It motivates us, increases our focus and improves our performance.

In contrast to eustress, distress is the stress caused by sitting a difficult exam, getting load of homework etc. It leaves us feeling anxious, nervous and outside of our coping abilities.

When we are distressed, our immune system shuts down, our white blood cells are reduced and susceptibility to disease increases. Some evidence also suggest that prolonged stress may be involved in the development of cancer. Those under significant levels of stress have clogged up arteries, preventing blood from getting to the heart quickly, resulting in heart attacks.

However, some very minor exercises and practices can prevent you from getting stressed out. Here are a few of our tips!


  1. Breathing in to the count of four and breathing out to the count of six. Repeat this five times. This will calm down your breathing and make you feel relaxed.
  2. Using a stress ball to squeeze out all your frustration or stroking pet. The repetitive process will calm you down and make you feel reassured.
  3. Keeping a timetable to prioritize your work and duties and to balance your work time and ‘chill time’. It will make you feel organised and keep the thought of having to remember everything you need to do away.
  4. Having a clean and calming environment. Your mind works with your surroundings. So, if your desk and resources are scattered, your mind will feel scattered. However if your desk and room is tidy, you will feel organised and will be able to focus. You may even want to light a scented candle in your room or spray it with some nice perfume. It will help you feel very relaxed.
  5. Breaks and exercising regularly. After every half an hour or forty- five minutes, you should take a break to unwind and give your brain some time to relax so you won’t feel like your work is such a burden. Exercising regularly will help you to feel happy. Exercising also promotes a good night’s sleep.

So go on and live your student-life stress-free.


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