Why Can’t Frozen Fans Just… Let it go!

A snow storm has swept across the world, giving the movie Frozen a solid place in the top 100 movies of 2013. Just the movie alone of Frozen has earned over $1.219 billion and by seeing this movie take over the internet with parodies and references alike, this is quite an obvious earning. So what is the reason that Frozen is the ultimate craze?

Phsycologist Yhalda Uhls quotes

“ One of the things that really struck me, and I think struck little children, is that there is a really strong intergenerational, family-themed message here. Despite the sisters Anna and Elsa being separated for so long, the story is ultimately about the bond between the two of them.”When you’re little, that is your zone; that’s your group; they define your world.Highlighting that and making it feel important — your sister, your brother, your mom and dad — is something little kids can really identify with”.

Many parents state that their children feel that Frozen is the ‘meaning of life’ And who can argue with that? Can anything else lure you in more than a movie of two sisters,bonds, and trust? Many siblings can connect with this movie as there is always that one child who needs someone to play with and look up to. This movie gives a message that ultimately, at the end of the day, it’s about the love between family. Frozen has scenes of facing and overcoming unexpected life challenges.

Frozen also has a unique story line which is unpredictable and surprising as in the end,despite how Elsa had ignored her younger sister for years Anna chooses to be loyal to her sister and giving up Hans, the person who understood her problems (even though he was planning to take over her kingdom). In fact Frozen has one of the most interesting, shocking story line that Disney offers.

Parents are glad that Frozen does not include any witches or evil spells and is just a matter of misunderstanding between close family members. Maryam Kia-Keating mentions this in her interview.

“My 4-year-old daughter told me that she also liked that it didn’t have a witch. I wouldn’t have thought that until she said it, but it made me more thoughtful about all the other movies — great movies — that have scary witches and themes in them. This was something that little kids under 5 aren’t going to have nightmares about.”

Young childrens comments on how they love Frozen because it doesn’t feature witches which would give them nightmares has made adults more aware of how sensitive children’s minds and towards their imagination. Also, that one animated scene can throw a thousand words into kids’ heads. In Frozen, Elsa’s snow and ice powers really capture kids imaginations, giving them a sense of magic and realism combined.

By Suha  – Year 7 student

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