WE day movement: Just a normal charity?


We day is an organisation founded by two brothers, Craig and Marc Keilburger, who wanted to change the world as we know it, and make it a better place for everyone. It all started in 1996 when Craig was just 14 years old, he saw a newspaper article reading “12 year old boy murdered for wanting education”. From then on, Craig and Marc put their heads together and hatched a daring plan, a dream where people came together and did good to the world. Years later, their ideas became reality and WE started.

WE charity does not just unite people to solve global issues but it also brings people together to celebrate the positive changes that we have already made on our world. You can buy merchandise such as a dress or a backpack, and by purchasing these items, you can educate a child overseas and enable them to go to school. So far, WE charity have raised just over £63.9million and people have volunteered more than 27.8 million hours worth of charity work!

To celebrate this, and empower young people to do more, WE day was created. It is a life-changing experience to inspire the new generation and give them the hope that we too can make a big difference. Every year, more than 10,000 people attend, 100,000 watch online and millions watch it on TV. Celebrities such as Selena Gomez, HRVY and Prince Harry and many more join the WE day movement and tell the world their stories and give great performances. People like them encourage the youth to do more and be recognised by famous people for a good cause. WE is the world’s largest youth movement.

The day is so big and special, that it is now identified by three densely populated countries: the UK, Canada and America; it has 16 global events all over these three places each year. Citizens can’t buy a ticket to WE day, they earn it by doing one local and one national action that makes a good impact on its people. Schools and Charity workers also earn their tickets in the same way. Over 12,000 schools take part all over the globe and many travel all over the country just to get to the event.

Craig and Marc were fuelled by the desire for change and their dream did turn into a reality, so can your’s.

By Saba Afzali

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